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‘True Relaxation’ is primarily about letting go of the ‘holding on attitude’ of the mind and body to help enter a wonderful state of being.

I have devised a three step process to help you release tension, and reconnect with your deeper inner resources.

It is a simple, effective and safe way to achieve a greater sense of openness, flexibility, freedom and peace of mind, and may assist you in greater healing in your life. You may drift along in this comfortable practise for as long as you’d like, perhaps even assisting you in falling asleep at night, or set a timer to gently recall you to normal focus somewhere between the ten and twenty minute mark.

Like everything, the more we practise, the better our results will be.

I recommend a session of ‘True Relaxation’ once a day for general relief and helping maintain a sense of calm and peace in our daily life.


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1) ‘True Relaxation’ in the body, is essentially learning how to continually ‘let go’, and not ‘hold on’ anywhere physically. Begin by finding a comfortable place to sit or lay down where you won’t be disturbed for a minimum of ten minutes. Make sure it is somewhere where you feel safe and free of self-consciousness. Listen gently to the sounds around you and let the normal sound of life reassure you of its natural movements coming and going.

Close the eyes and begin to gently take a few longer, deeper breaths. Inhale without forcing or straining, and release the exhalation without controlling it. Give yourself permission to let go of whatever tension you may be consciously aware of in the muscles of your body.  Slowly become attentive to the idea of not ‘holding on’ anywhere in your body. Wherever you can feel physical tension, just let go. Give it over to the chair you are sitting in, or the bed you are lying on. Let your physical body be supported by the physical structure upon which you recline. Allow your hands and feet to simply be exactly where you’ve placed them. Release what you can, take a few more soft, deeper breaths and be comfortable. 


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flower image2)  ‘True Relaxation’ of the mind can be initiated by some simple, effective imaginal-play ideas, helping you ‘let go’ of other pressing thoughts of the day.

As you continue to sit or lay comfortably, imagine there is a beautiful flower bud in the centre of your body around the solar plexus area. 

As you gently breathe out imagine the flower slowly and safely opening up its petals of beauty and colour into the bright early morning sunshine with natural ease. Picture that beautiful, easy movement of nature opening up the flower to radiate its colour, fragrance and beauty to the soft golden light of dawn. 

Next, imagine what sound you would like to ascribe to that easy movement into sunshine. Would you like to give it silence, or music?  The sound of a gentle, cool breeze in the green leaves of summer, or the lilting sounds of small whitecaps rolling into the shore of a favourite beach? Choose what wonderful peace of mind soundtrack you could imagine you’d like to accompany this image. 

Take your time and enjoy the imagination at play.


being heading

3) From this point in the practice you simply let go of the idea of fixating on any one thought, memory, idea or concept in your mind.  Just let all the images and ideas flow.  By letting the thoughts come and go, without judgement, without self-critique, simply observing them, one after another, the mind can now flow like a gentle stream. 

Don’t try to not think of anything or attempt to fix or hold some concept in mind.

Letting go of the ‘holding on attitude’ of the mind is simply that; letting thoughts come and go in complete freedom.  Don’t rush them, stall them, hold them or chase them. 

Just let them BE.

Once you let the personal thoughts flow freely, without trying too hard or doing anything special, you will be able to sense your deeper state of ‘being’, that place behind conscious thought.  It is within this realm that you may discover the wonderful, healing experience of consciousness I refer to as the ‘Free-Being State’.  

Enjoy drifting in this experience for as long as you would like, relax further into a deep refreshing sleep, or simply come back to normal everyday focus with a greater sense of peace and quiet confidence.  As previously mentioned, you can set a timer to your desired timeframe, but please make it a gentle sound to indicate the termination of your peace practise.

Enjoy this free guide to my ‘True Relaxation’.  If you would like to explore further learning and possibilities in the ways of peace and inner strength, feel free to contact me for a friendly discussion or book an appointment on 3356 0456.

Geoff Sweeting
June 2010


Click here to download a printable copy of this guide.