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Need peace - Hypnosis helps


You don't have to be a Zen master to find a greater sense of ease and inner peace in today's hectic world. Through the gentle art of Clinical Hypnosis I can assist you in discovering an exceptional sense of calm, peace and grace amidst your busy and demanding lifestyle. It's exhausting trying to continually hold in the pressure, handle the stress and intensive demands of working and getting ahead in life. Not to mention finding the time to spend with friends and family as well. We all need an easy way to begin to learn how to handle these stresses and free ourselves up to concentrate on the meaning and purpose in our lives.

Clinical Hypnosis works with the deeper parts of our consciousness by relaxing the critical faculties that have been obstructing our inner peace, and opening a smooth path to the unconscious mind. It is at this level that hypnosis works its magic in laying a foundation for enhanced comfort and ease. At this deeper level of yourself we can safely work to release anger, fear and doubt, to be replaced with a greater sense of harmony and inner security.

You may have noticed how anxious and aggressive people seem to be feeling nowadays, on the roads and in public places. People are tired and frustrated and haven't learnt the skills necessary in freeing themselves from fear and anxiety. Choosing a path of peace within yourself is also a great way to not feel a part of the rat race, no matter how busy or involved life may get. In addition to your own enhanced poise and grace, your peaceful presence may also assist others in your family & community.

So much relief and peace can be found when we simply discover a safe, effective way to relax, let go, and be present in the here and now. Through these effortless practices we learn to discover an inherent faith, trust and expectation of our needs being met in the world. We can lower defenses in a way that feels secure, and let the tension begin to ease out of mind and body. That's the key really, working with both mind and body in a way that engenders peace and calm within. But we don't need to be able to 'relax' before experiencing the benefits of hypnosis.

My experience in the gentle art of hypnosis enables me to easily plant the seeds of peace, stillness and freedom within, regardless of whether right now you believe you are able to relax or not. If you've ever fallen asleep, even for only a few minutes, then you have exactly what it takes to discover a greater sense of calm, tranquility and personal peace within. You don't need a referral to start the road to ease and relief today, simply call me to make a start on your path of peace.


Geoff Sweeting 2010