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what happens during a hypnotherapy session


Your initial Hypnotherapy session is the first step in uncovering your inner potential for change and healing. The initial consultation usually consists of a relaxed and friendly discussion of any particular needs or areas that you may be interested in exploring through hypnosis.

It also includes time for the hypnotic work itself, during which Geoff may utilize various mind-body approaches to change and healing including; Hypnotic trance, anchoring, reframing, unconscious search, age regression, desensitization and many others.

what can it help me with

Hypnotherapy offers a unique therapeutic bridge between your mind and body. Because Clinical Hypnosis deals directly with the unconscious mind it has the power to help change responses that feel ‘automatic’. By this we mean those areas where you feel you are simply following ingrained habits or pre-learned behaviours without any real conscious awareness or control.

Once a response or behaviour reaches a habitual level it is now operating from the unconscious part of self. Through hypnosis Geoff can help you release routine, habitual thinking processes and redefine these outdated internal structures with a more appropriate state, behaviour or response of your choice. The therapy is aimed at allowing you to experience greater personal freedom of thinking, feeling and doing in your life.

Another benefit of working at the unconscious level is the ability to access the deeper biological process of the body not normally accessible through everyday conscious control. This gives Hypnotherapy the opportunity to bring healing, pain management, metabolic change and overall wellness on a physical level, as well as the emotional and mental levels. The Hypnotic state creates the space for new learning, allowing you to change and learn in a free, open and healing way.


common client concerns

Stress & tension relief
Pain management/control
Fear, anxiety & depression
Phobia release/desensitization
Confidence & self esteem
Motivation & inspiration
Motion sickness
Enhancing memory, concentration & focus
Menstrual disorders
Dermatological conditions
Nail biting
Support during medical treatment

Substance dependency
Anger/emotional management
Habit change
Weight loss
Bed Wetting (enuresis)
Headaches & Migraines
Academic performance
Athletic & sexual performance
Eating disorders
Nail biting


how many sessions do i need

Much can be gained from a single Hypnosis session with Geoff. Depending upon the circumstances you may require a subsequent session. With very serious conditions there may arise the need for an ongoing maintenance programme, but every individual has their own requirements and rate of healing. Geoff also believes in empowering you with your own independent mind-body tools, and emphasizes the teaching and practice of Self Hypnosis where appropriate, so that you have the power to help heal yourself and reach your full potential no matter where you are.

can i be hypnotised

We believe all people can achieve therapeutic trance states if they are motivated for change and healing. We are all going in and out of different states of mind throughout our normal day. We have one state of driving, one of talking on the telephone or watching television. You have probably had the experince of getting ‘lost’ in a good book, or being absorbed in an interesting movie to the exclusion of other thoughts or surrounding sounds and movements.

These are examples of ‘everyday hypnosis’ and are the same changes in state of mind and body that we utilize during a Hypnotherapy session. There is an old saying: “All hypnosis is self hypnosis.” What this means essentially is that it is the hypnotherapists job to help facilitate and guide you into discovering and exploring your inner resources and unconscious powers. From this we may understand that all of us can be hypnotised, but we can also choose not to be. You are always in control of you.

how long does it take

We allow one and a half hours for your initial Hypnotherapy session and generally an hour for subsequent appointments. Longer sessions are sometimes required and can be booked appropriately. Interstate or international clients can have a series of daily or twice daily treatment times booked in advance where necessary.

geoffs therapeutic approach

Geoff Sweeting has been helping people heal and transform their lives through the mind-body healing arts since 1994. In addition to his qualifications as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Geoff also is a fully qualified and accredited Acupuncturist and Herbalist, with qualifications from Australia and China. Apart from his clinical work, Geoff holds a rare and prestigious position in a traditional lineage of Eight Diagram Palm (Ba Gua Zhang) Practitioners from Beijing.

Geoff’s distinctive combination of therapeutic skill and understanding has been influenced by the spiritual, psycho-therapeutic and mind-body practices of ancient Chinese Shamanism (Taoism), traditional European Vital Magnetism, Mesmerism, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, person-centred psychotherapy and the soulful approach to living well espoused by Thomas Moore and James Hillman. Through his continual practice and study of these healing arts, Geoff has developed an insightful sensitivity towards the mind-body connection and its accessibility through the trance state.

Geoff is committed to helping people find peace and meaning in their lives. He believes that as an individual learns to release defensiveness, pain and restrictions from their inner self, they are free to uncover and access their authentic strengths, capabilities and internal resources.