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Caring for the soul with hypnosis


There has never been a more crucial time in society for taking back some of our soul. With ever increasing demands upon our time and energy, we are often left wondering "What's it all for?" The hectic pace of modern life can be highly stimulating for our intellects, yet may leave our hearts without peace and fulfillment. The gentle art of clinical hypnosis offers the perfect way to safely begin recovering a piece of our soul, and help remember the reason and purpose for our journey in life. Effective hypnosis helps us learn to relax and let go in mind and body, so we release more of our soul into the world. When we allow this movement toward a greater free-being by releasing defensiveness, then we learn of our genuine strengths, creativity and inner capabilities. We gain knowledge and understanding of who we are from a deeper, or 'soul' level of being.

The way to healing, relief and change is realizing the truth that each of us already contains the innate capacity and strength of being that we need to live in the world as it is. Hypnosis may assist us in uncovering that source of wisdom and sincere effectiveness by releasing the false and insecure, and helping uncover a greater authenticity of our being. The celebrated scholar and mythologist Joseph Campbell talked of the essential need in modern society for; "..a room, or a certain hour or so a day, where you don't know what was in the newspapers that morning, you don't know who your friends are, you don't know what you owe anybody, you don't know what anybody owes you. This is a place where you can simply experience and bring forth what you are and what you might be. This is the place of creative incubation."

I believe Hypnosis can offer that place. The space of 'creative incubation' to bring forth more of what we are and what we might be. To realize more 'soul' in our daily life. A safe way to explore and discover the expanse of possibility in the unconscious self. I view hypnosis as a bridging ritual designed to help us slip out of our 'normal' waking consciousness and enter the vast resources of our unconscious self in order to access deeper knowing. It is a 'Ritual of Difference', and by that I mean a movement that leads our consciousness outside the box of everydayness, and into a 'different' realm.

A place within ourselves where we are free to imagine our deepest needs in life. Imagining the changes and healings we truly desire is the first step to manifesting those results. The state of hypnosis has been referred to as a 'Not knowing, Not doing' condition, in which case it simply leaves us with being. Without self critique, without self judgment, even without apology, the hypnotic state itself offers a temporary experience of more pure being. Taking the time in a hypnosis session to simply allow ourselves to 'be' provides the space and conditions to begin encountering our soul again. As a Hypnotist I am aware of the process in which my client and I are putting aside time (and putting time aside) to journey into that deeper knowing that exists in a more natural being state. It is the chance, not to escape or deny the world, but to remember that there is more. More to both ourselves - in mind, body and spirit, and also to our connection and interaction experience with the larger world around us. Clinical Hypnosis offers an opportunity to care for our deepest self, and confirm our innate resources. Using the state of hypnosis to encounter a deeper part of our self, and dwell there in ease and safety, is to both validate and care for our soul.

Caring for our soul is a step toward;

• Realizing our calling
• Understanding our unique place in the world
• Discovering who we are
• Regaining meaning and purpose
• Clarity of vision
• Revealing strength of character
• Uncovering peace in our heart
• Acceptance of our unique self
• Contribution to society
• A deeper knowing and belonging
• Renewed vitality and enthusiasm for life
• Greater acceptance and connection with self and others

Geoff Sweeting 2010